Friday, July 20, 2012

Keep Calm and Love English Bulldogs

The hubs and I have added a four legged furry family member to our bunch and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.  We have named our four year old, Zoey and just adore her very full of expression face and doll of a personality.  We have the So Cal Bulldog Rescue to thank for bringing this little girl into our lives and for giving her a second chance at life.  She was previously owned by a breeder and after suffering from a prolapsed uterus, rendering her useless for future breeding efforts, the breeder sent his sister to have her put down.  Luckily the pound called the rescue, which had her spayed and found her forever home in us.  In the month we’ve had her, we’ve already had many adventures – from dog training, to a visit with Gavin, a bbq with friends, and a trip to the beach.  We are so blessed to have Zoey in our lives and look forward to many more escapades with our adorable bully.   

Right after we made the adoption official

Hugs from Gavin
Beach adventures
The life of a modern dog
Zoey LOVES her walks


  1. She is adorable and such a beautiful story and her second chance. She's lucky to be a part of your family!

  2. So, cute! I know she's ever so lucky because she's with you! Your lives are collectively enriched. (Do have to share that Lee has been a bit 'expressive' at PetSmart. We got a 'less than' report on his behavior. "No worries," was the manager's response to his having ripped an associate's T-shirt. Then she went on to explain that she appreciates the breed and sees it as the special ed kids of the canine species!)

    1. Thank you Patti!

      That is a hilarious story about Leroy! I believe they are not fully aware of their own strength. We'll have to get our special ed pups together soon!

  3. Oh zoey! So glad you are a part of the gang! See you tomorrow sweet girl!